Top Restaurants In Some Of The Finest Cities In Texas

According to one top travel site, there are nearly 60,000 restaurants in Texas. Houston alone has over 8,000 of them, and San Antonio comes in second place with over 4,500 restaurants. Where does Dallas rank? They are right behind San Antonio, and you know there are a ton of other great cities in Texas. Let’s take a look at some of these Texas cities and some of the top ranked restaurants for each one.

You get a taste of Texas. Let’s start with Houston since there are so many restaurants to try. Brennan’s of Houston is a popular spot that serves up Cajun seafood. That already sounds mouth watering to me, don’t you think so? I love spicy food, and Texas is known for spicy food of all kinds. Brennan’s of Houston is located on Smith Street, and turtle soup, bananas foster, gumbo and more as far as what the review highlights say. The Breakfast Club, Hugo’s and Flying Saucer look like three other unique top establishments in Houston TX to find a good meal.

Let’s take a trip to Plano, Texas and look at some of the top restaurants there. While we just left Houston, a place called Houston’s Restaurant is one of the top places to eat in Plano TX. Babe’s Chicken Dinner House looks like a unique dining spot as well. Two other top Plano restaurants are Frankie’s Mexican Cuisine and Fish Shack.

Now let’s go to Irving TX, where you will find a place called Aspen Creek Grill. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely and perhaps even a romantic place? La Margarita Mod Mex and Empa Mundo are two other top restaurants in Irving. I have to mention one more though that I think so would have to visit in Irving. I would want to stop by and have a few slices of a delicious pizza pie at Vito’s Pizza Restaurant.

Have you heard of Frisco TX? Frisco is home to some great restaurants like The Hacienda Ranch. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine is another top establishment, and I think I would also pick 3 Stacks BBQ. I never can get enough barbecue in Texas, and the same goes for Mexican cuisine. Those are some of the best restaurants in cities around Texas. Remember that there are more than 60,000, so if you are in one of the cities above, use one of my picks.